How do you test your applications?

Or do you do it at all? Sencha wanted to find out more with a current research.

Testing is a key element of modern software development. But it’s extra work and the developer might think that he already created his masterpiece flawless from the very first. And that’s what the clients expect as well. So why pay time and money on testing?

Well, it pays off in the long run. Nobody is perfect and it would be foolish to claim anything other with software. But if you discover any weakness while already running a system it will cost you (developer or client) much more to get rid of it without interrupting business.

To make testing life easier several tools are out there. FORSIT dug into several of them like Jasmine, Mocha, Selenium or Sencha Test next to the normal routines we already use while coding. Sencha wanted to know now how developers do testing in detail. They took a global survey about the state of web app quality and testing.

The State of Web Application Testing research report was now published. What did they find out?

  • Web application quality issues are still common – and have serious consequences for businesses; 93% report business-impacting quality issues and 53% say their quality issues occur at least monthly.
  • Quality challenges are a complicated mix of culture, process, and people; 94% face challenges conducting adequate QA.
  • Organizations are investing to improve application quality; 73% will increase testing investment in the coming year.

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