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20 September 2017

Big Data Technologies Explained

Information about major the Big Data technologies categories. Let us explore some Big Data technologies that form the basis of the Big Data world today. If you read our article on Understanding the Big Data Phenomenon, you will know that Big Data is helping companies transcend previously insurmountable barriers and move towards greater business growth. […]

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22 August 2017

Why All Companies Need a Social Intranet

How even small and medium companies gain from the Social Intranet The Social Intranet makes work flexible and scalable without compromising on safety. Learn how your organization can benefit from this technological advancement. Technology has transformed modern work environments, improving employee efficiency, creating flexible working hours and fostering communication between teams. If you want your […]

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14 August 2017

Understanding the Big Data Phenomenon

An overview of Big Data phenomenon and its benefits for companies today. Big Data can drive business growth if leveraged correctly. Learn what big data is, why it is captured and how it is interpreted to improve operational efficiency. Everyone from NASA to Amazon is using Big Data to meet marketing objectives and drive strategic […]

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